Euna Solutions Introduces Strategic Budgeting, an Industry First to Connect Strategic Plans with Full Cycle Budgeting


As governments consider new ways of thinking about budgeting to meet the changing needs of communities, Euna Budget: Strategic Budgeting provides essential tools for aligning budget with a strategic plan, connecting the dots between operating, capital, and personnel budgeting to strategy.

TORONTO & CHICAGO, March 28, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Euna Solutions®, a leading provider of purpose-built, cloud-based solutions for the public sector, today announced the launch of Euna Budget: Strategic Budgeting, a first-of-its-kind offering that enables city leaders to connect their strategic plans with annual budgets. Euna Budget offers full-cycle strategic budgeting, connecting strategy to all aspects of the budget including operating, personnel, and capital budgets.

“For the first time, strategic budgeting — an essential but missing connection between strategic planning and management in government — is now possible within the nation’s leading budgeting solution, Euna Budget,” said Tom Amburgey, CEO of Euna Solutions. “We’re excited to bridge the gap between a strategic plan and an annual budget to empower state and local government leaders. With Strategic Budgeting by Euna Budget, public leaders — the stewards of public funds — can more collaboratively, efficiently, and effectively move their communities forward in a strategic way.”

Euna Solutions has worked closely with renowned industry association Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) and other industry leaders to discuss new approaches for their campaign, “Rethinking Budgeting”. Through a series of roundtables, discussions, and assessments, several opportunities were identified to modernize budgeting, notably the disconnect between strategic plans and the budget process. Euna Budget: Strategic Budgeting was designed to address that disconnect, especially for city and financial leaders, charged with budgeting against the community’s strategic plan.

Governments can take advantage of Strategic Budgeting by Euna Budget in the following ways:

  • Strategic Budget Formation, Management and Approval: Agency leaders can easily align departmental budgets and initiatives with overarching goals, ensuring all internal stakeholders work toward common objectives. Monitoring resources and how they influence the overarching goal, governments are empowered to make decisions based on comprehensive, high-quality data, enhancing the effectiveness of resource allocation and outcomes. This approach ensures fund allocations directly support the desired goals from the strategic plan, creating a clear link between spending and outcomes.

  • Strategic Performance and Accountability: Agencies, departments and employees can easily track budget allocations and expenditures, providing clear visibility into how funds are used and ensuring they align with strategic goals. They gain access to a robust set of reporting features to monitor how spending can achieve desired outcomes and contribute to the overarching strategic goal, fostering accountability to stakeholders.

  • Strategic Budgeting and Transparency: A strategic plan is typically published as a lengthy PDF file with a mix of text and charts, similar to other financial documents such as the Budget Book. Euna Budget: Strategic Budgeting integrates with Euna’s existing transparency solution to create and publish the critical public-facing strategic plan. This easy-to-use publishing tool enables city leaders to publish their strategic plans using pre-built templates based on examples from various cities and best practices. Agencies can publish a combined strategic plan and annual budget — a strategic budget — in a web-based, responsive, and configurable interface.

“In an era where public finance faces unprecedented challenges, from fiscal sustainability to ensuring transparency and accountability, Euna Solutions is proud to be at the forefront of pioneering strategic budgeting,” said John Alexander, Chief Product Officer at Euna Solutions. “With more than $370 billion in public funds under our customers’ stewardship, we recognize the urgency of modernizing financial planning to meet these challenges head on and the opportunity to drive better strategic outcomes for communities.”

Euna Budget is the leading budgeting solution purpose-built for the public sector, serving nearly 1,000 agencies and managing over $370 billion. Euna Budget is comprised of highly configurable budgeting and performance management systems built to help agencies modernize business processes. These solutions enable data-driven budgeting and decision-making, while increasing data accuracy, saving time and improving community trust. In addition to strategic budgeting, Euna Budget offers management solutions for the operating, personnel, and capital budgets.

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Euna Solutions® is a leading provider of purpose-built, cloud-based solutions that power critical administrative functions and financial operations for the public sector. Euna Solutions offers trusted, easy-to-use solutions for procurement, payments, grant management, budgeting, permitting, and special education administration that are trusted to increase operational efficiency, transparency, collaboration, and compliance. Working with more than 3,000 government and public sector organizations across North America, Euna Solutions strives to build trust and enable transparency in our communities. Euna Solutions is recognized on Government Technology’s GovTech 100 list, an annual list of the top 100 companies focused on, making a difference in and selling to state and local government agencies across the U.S. To learn more, visit

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